4 to 1 Intelligent 360 Panoramic Camera Switcher

Manual for 4 to 1 Intelligent 360 Panoramic Switcher

1. Product Description
4 to 1 Intelligent 360 Panoramic Switcher is supposed to add more video
inputs for cameras when it’s connected with video interface for for
different car models.It’s sort of DIY solution for customers with easy
installation.The switcher can work with video interface,aftermarket Car
DVD or Monitor.

2. Specifications

1). Four video inputs :Left view, Right view, Front view and reverse view. There is + 12V power supply for each video input

2). Four video outputs share with one video channel with the same power
trigger line.

3).When each camera gets power supply from the corresponding car
lamp,the display could show the correct video channel by turn on left
and right indicator or back up. When you turn “R” to other gear,The
display will show front view for 7 seconds(It’s optional).After 7
seconds,it gets back to UI interface. Cable color refers to: 12V power + (Red cable),GND - (Black
cable),Left indicator (Blue cable),Right indicator (Green cable) and
Back-up lamp (White cable)

4).The product itself has designed the product power supply protection
circuit and the camera supply protection circuit, carries on the protection
to the camera and the vehicle circuit. 5).You can also use remote control to select camera view. 6).Wide voltage VCC 8--16V;If it’s applied in the truck,you can use a 4V to 12V transformer.


3. Package Contents
Standard contents: 4 to 1 Intelligent 360 Panoramic Switcher, remote
control, manual book.


4.Manual Installation
1:Blue trigger line to connect with back-up lamp power 2:White trigger line to
connect with left indicator power
3:Green trigger line to connect with right indicator power 4:Red and black line
is+12V power input
5:Remote control:M button ----------Switch module and Exit from camera output

B button ----------Reverse camera
R button ----------Right camera

L button ----------Left camera
F button -----------Front camera

(The display view could be switched by both power trigger line and
remote control.If you think power trigger connection is complex,you
can just use the remote control.Only in that case when exit from
back-up to front view,it only supports the back-up trigger.It's to
minimize error operations.)
5.Remote control set LED light instructions (support only with
remote control products)
1).When press any button, the LED of the indicator receiver and the
remote controller will flicker, indicating that the receiving and receiving
are normal. 2).Press the remote control M key for 5s, receiver LED flash 2 times, indicating mode 1 "auto-turn front view after rear view" and mode 2 "exit
when rear view is closed" function. Switching work is done. Finally, restart the power supply and use it. 3).Remote control code mode, press the receiver button for 3S , the
receiver's LED lights turns off. Then press any button, the receiver's LED
flash twice, indicating that the code is completed, and finally restart the
power supply.