Alpicool TW45 Dual Zone With Battery 12v only

Key Features 

  • LED display panel, built-in LED light
  • Removable Lithium battery to allow your fridge to run even if it’s not plugged in.
  • Comes with a built-in solar charge controller
  • Battery monitor built-in on the LED display.
  • Can freeze down to -20℃ for true refrigeration.
  • Heavy-duty and lightweight body construction with bump stop protected edges and hi-density foam insulation to withstand the ruff terrain in Africa.
  • The TW45 can run continually at 35° angle and for 30min at 45° angle.
  • Dual-zone with two temperature control systems.
  • Low consumption compressor technology efficiently refrigerates and deep-freezes to –20 °C.
  • High-Resolution and Easy-to-read Colour Display with Battery monitoring.
  • Full app control with remote battery monitoring via Bluetooth.
  • A 3-stage battery protection system to prevent damaging your batteries.
  • 12v – 24v DC
  • Temp Display: Digital.
  • Battery Voltage: Digital.
  • Capacity: 45 Litre.
  • Fridge Dimensions: 60*40*50cm
  • Package Dimensions: 75*49*57cm
  • Temp range: +20 to – 20 Degrees.
  • 1-year warranty

Product Details

Capacity:45 Liter

Compartment 1: 13L

Compartment 2: 32L

Rated power MAX: 60W.

Rated current: DC 6.0A/3A

Fridge Dimensions: 600*400*500mm

Package Dimensions: 750*490*570mm



Removable Battery Details

Input: 12.6V/7.8A(6PIN)or 12.6V/3A(DC input)

Output: Max 10A

Battery Capacity: 15.6Ah

Keeps a 45L fridge cool at 5℃ for 20 hours when the ambient temperature at 25℃

1 X TW45 fridge freezer

1 X 15.6AH Lithium battery

1 X DC power cord(12/24V)

1 X Instruction book