Electronic Exhaust Y-Pipe Cutout Valve With Remote

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Electronic Exhaust Y-Pipe Cutout Valve.

This Electronic Exhaust Y-Pipe Cutout Valve is designed to enhance the performance as well as sound and power of vehicles with the easy depress of a remote. 
The valve opening results in a instant increase of up to 5+ kw. 
It is designed to be welded onto anywhere from the cutout location from the header to the catback of vehicles. 
The remote allows the opening of the cutout simply by depressing the remote. The exhaust will then be opened for a more direct exhaust flow, more power and the enhanced exhilarating loud rumble of the exhaust. 


  1. remote
  2. relay box and
  3. extension box

Material: Stainless Steel T304
Has a single Butterfly Valve
Power supply 12v
Professional welding installation recommended