Ford Ranger Securi-Lid 216 Sports Bar Stainless/Black 2016+ 150043-SEC1 / BS150043-SEC1


Ford Ranger Securi-Lid 216 Sports Bar Stainless/Black 2016+

Plastics are all tested for UV and Fading
· Decals are tested for Adhesive – Automotive adhesive to ensure they don’t come off under high pressure spraying
· Salt Water Spray Testing to guarantee against metals rusting
· Powder Coating to be tested for External Purposes
· Guaranteeing peace of mind for our customers in the knowledge that they have the best quality product in the market is our aim
· The quality in manufacturing is controlled largely due to the automated production processes which separates us from our opposition
· Artav Stainless Steel is heavily invested in robotic technology to ensure accurate and consistent quality in the manufacturing of its accessories
· This technology includes Tube Mills, CNC Laser Cutters, CNC Press Brakes, Laser Tube Cutters, CNC Bending Machines, Robotic Plasma Cutters, Robotic Welding and Robotic Polishing